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Spain, a land of enchantment and contrasts, unfolds like a tapestry of vivid experiences beneath the azure skies of the Iberian Peninsula. Its diverse landscapes, from the sun-drenched beaches of the Costa del Sol to the rugged peaks of the Pyrenees, offer a symphony of natural beauty. Olive groves stretch out in undulating waves, painting the countryside with silvery hues, while vineyards drape the hillsides, their emerald leaves dancing in the breeze.
Is Spain right for us?

Just how, exactly, do you move to Spain?

Read on to discover how and why you should move to Spain! 

Planning your move

Choosing the best place in spain to move
Step-by-step process for the big move to spain
Why is Spain a great place to live?
Sunny, wonderful Spain

Find your inspiration!

Narrow cobbled streets wind through ancient villages, each corner revealing a new chapter of history etched in the weathered stones of Roman bridges and Moorish fortresses. The scent of orange blossoms mingles with the heady fragrance of blossoming bougainvillaea, enveloping whitewashed buildings adorned with cascades of vibrant geraniums.

Living in Spain vs the USA

How do they stack up?

Top 10 things that are amazing about spain

The best things about living in Spain.

Andalusia is amazing

All you need to know about the southern region of Spain.

How do the people live so long here?

This country might have the most longevity soon.

Do you like castles?

Man oh man are there a lot of castles here.

But are the schools good?

Let's talk about the public school system here.

Where the Kids Roam


Population: 47,508,599
Happiness Ranking: 31st
Longevity of the people: 9th
Good Country Index: 13th
Step-by-step process

Moving to Spain

01 Find your place

Spain is very diverse. Do you want a beach? The city? How is your tolerance for cold weather? Which Spanish in which region is easiest to speak?

02 Find your visa

Non-lucrative? Any past connection to Spain (family)?

03 Research consulate requirements

They all have different rules, and are regional.

04 Live your best life

You've done it. Yours is a life of leisure.

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