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Family Adventure!

A delightfully different way to choose your upcoming family trip. As told in story form, you guide the decisions of the Adventura family – a group of four – mother, father, sister, brother. Will you end up hiking in Yellowstone? Lying on the beaches of Ipanema? Touring the Louvre in Paris? Only you will know!

Cappadocia 4x4 tour

The Adventure Begins

John and Sarah Adventura had always dreamed of taking their children, Emma and Michael, on an unforgettable family vacation. They had been saving up for years, and now, with Emma about to start high school and Michael eager to explore the world, they knew the time had finally come.

As the family gathered around the dinner table one evening, John cleared his throat and said, “Kids, your mom and I have been thinking. We want to take you on a special trip, one that we’ll all remember for the rest of our lives.”

Emma and Michael exchanged excited glances. “Where are we going, Dad?” Emma asked, her eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Sarah smiled and replied, “That’s the best part. We want you to help us choose! We can either take a road trip somewhere within the United States or fly to an international destination. What do you think?”

The children fell silent for a moment, considering the possibilities. Michael furrowed his brow, deep in thought, while Emma bit her lip, trying to contain her excitement.

The decision was clear, they chose: 

Barcelona Spain Gaudi