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Returning to Wadi Rum, aka Shit my Bedouin Guide Says

We finally returned to Rum!  Last time we were in Wadi Rum was 13 years ago and it was just my wife and me. We arrived with no place to stay, but quickly met someone outside the visitor’s center who took us to his friend’s brother’s cousin’s house (that first guy later got fined for […]

Perfect Paris Travel Guide for Families

Family standing in front of the Eiffel Tower

Perfect Paris Travel Guide 1. First, make sure to give yourself no more than 72 hours in and around Paris. There are only so many croissants you can eat; cigarettes your kids can smoke. The key is limiting life’s pleasures.  2. Select the earliest morning flight out to Paris and try not to sleep at all […]

How to Disappear Completely (Yet Let Everyone Know You’re Living Your Best Life in Spain)

Moving to Spain and leaving your normal life behind is a simple, 28-step process. I’ll explore that process, below, in waaaaaaay more depth than you could ever possibly care about. Step 1: Choose an Independent, Work-From-Anywhere Profession (We failed here, initially. Luckily, somehow or another, we recovered).  My wife and I are both practicing attorneys. […]

One of the Best Countries to Take Kids – Vietnam

Vietnam is As always, this blog post only represents my particular experience. You obviously, had, or will have, a different experience in Vietnam. For any comments in this blog entry you deem unfairly negative, take a cold shower and read my disclaimer – here. For any comments you deem unduly positive, I sincerely apologize as […]