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A canvas of dreamscapes where every sunset paints the hills in liquid gold, vineyards whisper the secrets of the earth, and medieval towns perch like crowns atop rolling landscapes.

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With its rolling hills and vineyard-clad landscapes, Tuscany is more than just a showcase of Renaissance art; it’s a treasure trove of lesser-known experiences waiting to be discovered. Beyond the famed cities and iconic art lies a world of alternative adventures that promise to enrich your journey with unforgettable stories. The real allure of Tuscany isn’t just in the places that grace postcards but in the hidden gems that offer a glimpse into its authentic heart.

Imagine wandering through ancient walls that whisper untold tales, delighting in gastronomic discoveries in the quaintest of villages, or sipping Chianti in a medieval square untouched by time. Tuscany beckons with unique experiences, from exploring the secrets of Etruscan towns to finding serenity in the lush Tuscan countryside.

This guide unveils 7 alternate things to see in Tuscany, tailored for those eager to delve deeper than the usual tourist spots. It’s an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of experiences that make this region not just a destination but a journey into the heart of Italy’s unmatched beauty.

1. Renting a Villa in Capalbio

Imagine waking up in a rustic villa surrounded by the serene beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Capalbio offers this dreamy escape. This destination is perfect for travelers seeking a blend of relaxation, history, and natural beauty.

A Glimpse into Capalbio's Past

Capalbio’s history stretches back to the Etruscan era, evidenced by its ancient walls and medieval architecture. The village’s strategic location and timeless charm have made it a coveted spot through the centuries. Its well-preserved medieval center with narrow stone streets and the majestic Castle of Capalbio offers a unique window into the past.

Capalbio, Tuscany

Tips on Visiting Capalbio

The best time to visit Capalbio is between spring and early autumn when the weather is pleasant and the countryside is at its most vibrant. Renting a villa offers a personalized, intimate experience of the region. Don’t miss the local markets for fresh produce to enjoy in your temporary Tuscan home.

A visit to Capalbio wouldn’t be complete without exploring its local markets. These vibrant hubs of activity offer more than just shopping; they’re a taste of the community’s heartbeat. Wander through stalls piled high with fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and other delicacies. It’s an opportunity to gather ingredients for a home-cooked meal in your villa’s kitchen, bringing a personal touch to your culinary adventures.

Moreover, interacting with local vendors and artisans at these markets offers insights into the region’s traditions and culinary heritage. You might pick up a recipe or two, learn about the origins of a particular cheese, or simply enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the Capalbio locals. These experiences enrich your stay, providing memories and flavors to carry home.


Top Villas in Capalbio

Explore the best villas in Capalbio, a quintessential town in Tuscany. Here, you’ll find perfect places to stay that mix comfort with the charm of the countryside.

1. La Villa de I Casali del Troscio

La Villa de I Casali del Troscio stands as a proof to the timeless elegance of Tuscan architecture, set amidst the verdant landscapes of Capalbio. This exquisite villa offers guests a luxurious retreat, featuring meticulously designed interiors that blend classic Italian craftsmanship with modern amenities. Guests can enjoy sprawling gardens, a private pool, and an outdoor dining area perfect for savoring the region’s flavors under the stars.

Price Range: €800 – €1000 per night

2. Agriturismo La Siesta

Agriturismo La Siesta offers a charming escape into the rustic beauty of the Tuscan countryside. This family-run agriturismo focuses on sustainability and provides a cozy, intimate experience with beautifully appointed rooms overlooking olive groves and vineyards. The property includes a communal swimming pool and offers homemade meals prepared with ingredients sourced directly from their land.

Price Range: €80 – €100 per night

3. Casale Artemisia Capalbio

Nestled on the outskirts of Capalbio, Casale Artemisia Capalbio is a beautifully restored farmhouse that combines rustic charm with contemporary comfort. This villa is ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in nature without forgoing the luxuries of modern living. Its spacious rooms, private garden, and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside make it a perfect retreat for families and groups.

Price Range: €90 – €100 per night

4. Antica Fattoria La Parrina

Antica Fattoria La Parrina is a historic estate that offers a unique glimpse into the agricultural heritage of Tuscany. This working farm produces its own wine, olive oil, and cheese, which guests can sample during their stay. The accommodations range from rustic-chic rooms in the main farmhouse to independent cottages dotted around the property, all designed with comfort and authenticity in mind.

Price Range: €180 – €250 per night

Each of these villas in Capalbio provides a distinct way to experience Tuscany’s beauty, culture, and culinary excellence. Whether you’re seeking luxury, sustainability, historical charm, or a taste of farm life, Capalbio’s villas cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets, promising an unforgettable stay in one of Italy’s most picturesque regions.

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Why Rent a Villa in Capalbio

Renting a villa in Capalbio is not just an accommodation choice; it’s a doorway to an authentic Tuscan adventure, merging luxury with the rustic charm of countryside living. The excitement begins with the villa itself, each offering its unique blend of comfort, style, and a touch of historical allure. Imagine breakfasts in sun-drenched gardens, evenings by a private pool under starlit skies, and the freedom to explore your surroundings at your own pace.

Capalbio villas are the perfect base for day trips around Tuscany, allowing for a seamless blend of relaxation and exploration. Here, the thrill lies in the discovery, from the ancient walls of Capalbio village to the enchanting landscapes surrounding it. Each day brings something new, whether it’s a leisurely hike through olive groves, a visit to a nearby vineyard for a tasting session, or a cultural trip to explore Etruscan ruins.

The excitement extends to the culinary experiences. Capalbio’s location in the heart of Tuscany means access to some of Italy’s freshest and most delicious ingredients. Villas often come with fully equipped kitchens, giving you the chance to try your hand at cooking traditional Tuscan dishes or even enjoy meals prepared by a local chef right in your villa.

Moreover, renting a villa in Capalbio offers unparalleled privacy and space that can’t be found in hotels or resorts, making it ideal for family gatherings, romantic getaways, or vacations with friends. This privacy also allows for spontaneous garden picnics, late-night conversations by the fireplace, and the kind of personal touches that turn a holiday into an unforgettable experience.

In essence, renting a villa in Capalbio is fun and exciting because it offers more than just a place to stay; it offers a taste of the Tuscan way of life, steeped in beauty, history, and gastronomy. It’s about creating memories that last a lifetime, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of one of Italy’s most cherished regions.


2. Saturnia Hot Springs: A Timeless Tuscan Treasure

Tucked away in the Tuscan countryside, Saturnia Hot Springs is a natural marvel that has been soothing souls and bodies for centuries. These thermal waters, rich in minerals, cascade down travertine rocks, creating natural pools that are as therapeutic as they are beautiful. A visit here is not just a dip into warm waters; it’s a plunge into history, nature, and the epitome of relaxation, making it one of the top things to do in Tuscany, Italy.

Saturnia hot springs
Saturnia hot springs
Saturnia hot springs

A Brief History

Saturnia’s springs are steeped in myth and history, believed by the Romans to have been created by a thunderbolt thrown by Jupiter. Beyond legends, these springs have been a center of wellness since Etruscan times, appreciated for their healing properties. Their constant temperature of 37.5°C (99.5°F) makes them unique, offering a year-round haven of warmth in the midst of the rolling Tuscan hills.

Saturnia hot springs
Saturnia hot springs
Saturnia hot springs

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Tips on Visiting Saturnia Hot Springs

Maximizing your visit to Saturnia Hot Springs requires a bit of planning. First off, aim to get there early – very early – particularly if you’re visiting during the high season. An early start ensures you find a spot in the coveted natural pools and lets you experience the tranquility of the springs without the buzz of too many visitors.

Equipping yourself is key to a seamless Saturnia experience. Bring along a towel for drying off after your dip, water shoes to navigate the rocky bottoms comfortably, and an extra set of clothes for a fresh change post-soak. These small preparations can make a big difference in your enjoyment.

One of the best parts? There’s no cost to enter these natural wonders, making them an accessible part of the things to do in the Tuscan countryside for anyone exploring this beautiful region. This free access underscores Tuscany’s commitment to preserving and sharing its natural heritage, allowing you to immerse in the thermal waters just as travelers have for centuries.

But Beware of the Worms...



No one will tell you this, but when we went, there were are these little red worms in the water. They’re supposedly harmless, but that didn’t stop all the girls in our group from quickly exiting the water, never to return. 

Where to Stay near Saturnia Hot Springs

Exploring the Saturnia Hot Springs? Here are four wonderful accommodations that promise a comfortable and memorable stay in the Tuscan countryside. Whether you’re after rustic charm or modern luxury, there’s something for everyone close to these healing waters.

1. Casa Ballerini

Case Ballerini is an ideal choice for travelers seeking both comfort and convenience near Pian D’artino. The apartment’s spacious layout and modern amenities ensure a relaxing stay, while its proximity to local attractions makes it a perfect base for exploring the beautiful Tuscany region.

Price: €70 for 1 night, 2 adults.

2. Casa Romano

 Casa Romano is a charming accommodation choice that blends traditional Tuscan aesthetics with modern comforts, making it a cozy retreat for visitors. The apartment’s layout is designed for flexibility, catering to both couples and small families seeking a serene getaway.

Price: €65 for 1 night, 2 adults.

3. Retreatloft in Manciano

Retreatloft in Manciano presents an inviting escape into the heart of Tuscany, offering spacious and well-appointed accommodations that promise comfort and privacy. The generous living space and the serene setting make it an ideal spot for those looking to unwind and soak in the Tuscan sun.

Price: €71 to €82 1 night, 2 adults.

4. Appartamento La Grotta

Appartamento La Grotta offers a delightful stay with its tastefully decorated interiors reflecting Tuscany’s rustic charm. The apartment has all the amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay for its guests.

Price: €91 to €110 1 night, 2 adults.

Each of these accommodations provides a unique way to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Tuscan countryside, ensuring your visit to the Saturnia Hot Springs is both rejuvenating and unforgettable.

Saturnia Hot Springs

Why Visit Saturnia Hot Springs

The allure of Saturnia Hot Springs goes far beyond its warm, mineral-rich waters. This natural wonder is a living postcard from Tuscany, capturing the essence of the region’s breathtaking landscapes and rich history. Saturnia stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone looking to dive deeper into the heart of Italy.

History enthusiasts will be fascinated by the springs’ ancient roots, tracing back to the Etruscans and Romans who first recognized and utilized these thermal waters. It’s a place where history isn’t just studied but felt, as you soak in the same waters that have been a source of rejuvenation for centuries.

Nature lovers will find themselves enveloped in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, where the green hills, clear skies, and the gentle flow of thermal waters create a serene backdrop for relaxation and reflection. It’s an unmatched natural setting that redefines the very idea of unwinding.

Saturnia offers a tranquil haven for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The springs are about the physical benefits of the mineral waters and the mental peace that comes from being in such a serene environment. It’s an experience that rejuvenates the body, calms the mind, and nourishes the soul.

3. Montemerano Village: The Warm Heart of Tuscany


brief history

Montemerano’s charm is rooted in its history, dating back to the Middle Ages. Known for its well-preserved architecture and the timeless atmosphere that envelops its streets, this village offers a unique glimpse into a past where knights and poets roamed. The Church of San Giorgio stands as a testament to the village’s historical depth, housing precious artworks that tell tales of faith and artistry through centuries.

Tips on Visiting Montemerano


Visiting Montemerano is like stepping into a living painting. To fully capture its beauty, it’s essential to meander through its ancient streets without haste. The village reveals its true magic in the late afternoon light when the setting sun bathes the old stones in a warm, golden glow that seems to whisper stories of yesteryears.

This is the perfect time to explore as the day cools and the village’s timeless charm is amplified. Along your stroll, you’ll find local eateries nestled within centuries-old buildings, inviting you to sit and savor the flavors of Tuscany. These spots aren’t just about the food; they offer terraces that boast breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, making your meal an unforgettable part of the Montemerano experience.

Embrace the leisurely pace of village life. Allow yourself to be drawn into the small shops selling artisanal crafts, or pause in the shadow of the Church of San Giorgio to appreciate the art and architecture that have stood the test of time. Montemerano is more than a destination; it’s an invitation to slow down and savor the moment, making it a highlight of things to do in Tuscany countryside.

Where to Stay Near Montemerano

1. Trilocale nel centro storico

This wonderful three-bedroom apartment is located in the heart of Montemerano, offering guests a comfortable stay with 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, and 2 bathrooms. It’s praised for its excellent location with a score of 9.7.

Price Range: $100 – $115 per night

2. Affittacamere La Rondinella

Situated just 0.2 miles from the center of Montemerano, this guesthouse offers a cozy double room with a queen bed. It has received very good reviews, highlighting its value and location.

Price Range: €72 – €80 for 1 night, 2 adults.

3. Casa Pruno Rosso

This apartment provides a two bedroom setup, including a living room, bathroom, and kitchen, covering 861.1 square feet. Located 0.2 miles from Montemerano’s center, it has an 8.4 rating for its comfort and amenities.

Price Range: €101 – €126 for 1 night, 2 adults.

4. B & V HOME

Offering an exceptional stay, this vacation home includes breakfast and features 1 bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen over 645.8 square feet. It’s located 0.2 miles from the center and has a perfect location score of 10.

Price Range: €121 – €134 for 1 night, 2 adults.

These accommodations offer a range of options from apartments to guesthouses and vacation homes, each with its unique charm and amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay near Montemerano, Tuscany.

Why Visit Montemerano


Montemerano stands as a serene escape into the heart of Tuscany, where time seems to move at a gentler pace. It’s a place untouched by the rush of modern life, offering a breath of fresh air to those who wander its ancient streets. This medieval village is a canvas of living history, where every stone and corner tells a tale of the past, making it an essential stop for those seeking the best things to do in Tuscany.

Beyond its picturesque beauty, Montemerano is a journey into a simpler, more tranquil way of life. Here, you can immerse yourself in the local culture, from savoring traditional Tuscan dishes in a family-run trattoria to strolling through narrow lanes under the soft glow of the setting sun. It’s a place where the landscape’s beauty merges with its people’s warmth, offering a genuine connection to Tuscany’s soul.

Visiting Montemerano means enriching your travel experience with moments of unparalleled peace, stunning natural beauty, and deep historical resonance. It’s a destination that captivates the eye and touches the heart, ensuring that the memories you make here will be cherished for a lifetime.

Whether you’re drawn to its historical allure, the tranquility of its countryside, or the simple joys of its daily life, Montemerano is a testament to the enduring charm of Tuscany, promising an experience as enriching as it is unforgettable.

4. Visit Il Giardino dei Tarocchi (Tarot Garden Sculpture Park)

Il Giardino dei Tarocchi sculpture park

Immersed in the vibrant Tuscan landscape lies a world where art and imagination converge—Il Giardino dei Tarocchi. This enchanting sculpture park, inspired by the Tarot cards, is the brainchild of artist Niki de Saint Phalle. With its giant, whimsical sculptures, it stands as a vivid testament to creativity unleashed, making it a standout among the unique things to do in Tuscany.

A Brief History

Influenced by Gaudí’s Park Güell in Barcelona, Niki de Saint Phalle embarked on this monumental project in the late 1970s. Il Giardino dei Tarocchi showcases her vision of the Tarot garden through massive, colorful sculptures, some of which are habitable structures. This open-air museum blurs the lines between art and architecture, offering a glimpse into the artist’s fantastical imagination.

Tips on Visiting Il Giardino dei Tarocchi

Exploring Il Giardino dei Tarocchi is a journey into a world where art transforms the landscape into a living canvas. To make the most of your visit to this unique sculpture park, consider timing your trip during spring or fall. These seasons bathe Tuscany in splendid weather, enhancing the already magical experience with mild temperatures and softer light.

Comfort is key as you navigate the garden’s whimsical terrain, so wearing sturdy, comfortable shoes is a must. Dotted with sculptures and intricate mosaics, the paths invite leisurely exploration and the occasional detour into fantasy.

Don’t forget to bring your camera. The vibrant sculptures, each a masterpiece of color and form, are not just exhibits but moments of joy and wonder waiting to be captured. Photography here isn’t just allowed; it’s a part of the adventure, enabling you to preserve the memory of your visit and share the beauty of one of the most unusual things to do in Tuscany.

Where to Stay in II Giardino dei Tarocchi

Here are the top 4 accommodations near II Giradino dei Tarocchi where you can spent a relaxing night after exploring the place:

1. La Corte de I Casali del Troscio

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany, just a stone’s throw from the enchanting Il Giardino dei Tarocchi, La Corte de I Casali del Troscio offers an idyllic base for explorers drawn to the magic of Niki de Saint Phalle’s artful garden. This charming accommodation marries rustic elegance with modern comfort, providing a serene escape in one of Italy’s most picturesque regions.

Price Range: €550 to €825 1 night, 2 adults

2. Hotel La Torricella

Hotel La Torricella stands out for its sustainability commitment and a prime location near the mystical Il Giardino dei Tarocchi. The hotel’s serene environment and comfortable accommodations make it an ideal choice for travelers looking to explore the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Capalbio. With its good rating and positive reviews, guests can expect a welcoming atmosphere and attentive service, ensuring a memorable stay in this picturesque part of Tuscany.

Price: €95 to €215 1 night, 2 adults

3. Agriturismo La Collina Verde

Agriturismo La Collina Verde Rosa offers a peaceful retreat nestled in the lush countryside of Pescia Romana, just a stone’s throw from the enchanting Il Giardino dei Tarocchi. This farm stay is highly praised for its idyllic setting and warm hospitality, providing a double room equipped with a comfortable queen bed that promises a restful night’s sleep. The property’s wonderful rating is a testament to its ability to deliver a genuine Tuscan experience, complete with scenic beauty and a serene atmosphere.

Price: €40 to €85, 1 night for 2 adults

4. Capalbio Vacanze

Capalbio Vacanze emerges as a delightful haven for those wishing to delve into the heart of Capalbio, situated merely 2.5 miles from the mystical allure of Il Giardino dei Tarocchi. Garnering an excellent rating from guests, this bed and breakfast encapsulates the essence of a home away from home, offering a cozy double room equipped with a queen bed to ensure a comfortable and restful stay. The inclusion of breakfast adds a touch of convenience and charm, allowing guests to start their day with a taste of local flavors.

Price: €65, 1 night for 2 adults

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Why Visit Il Giardino dei Tarocchi

Il Giardino dei Tarocchi stands as a vibrant testament to the boundless realms of creativity and wonder. This isn’t merely a park; it’s an odyssey into the fantastical, where the monumental sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle come alive amidst the Tuscan landscape. For enthusiasts of art, culture, and the sheer joy of discovery, this garden is a cornerstone among the best things to do in Tuscany.

Each turn within this magical space reveals a new spectacle, a fusion of color, form, and narrative that captivates and inspires. It’s where art transcends the traditional confines of galleries, engaging with the open sky, the earth beneath, and the surrounding nature. The garden is not just seen but experienced, making it an unparalleled attraction for those looking to immerse themselves in a world where the lines between reality and imagination blur.

Visiting Il Giardino dei Tarocchi is to step into a storybook, where each sculpture tells a part of a larger tale, inviting interpretation and wonder. This unique blend of art, nature, and fantasy stands unmatched, not just in Italy but globally, offering an escape into a world where the whimsical and the profound dance together under the Tuscan sun.

5. Renting a Boat to Isola del Giglio

Isola del Giglio
Isola del Giglio

Embarking on a journey to Isola del Giglio by boat will allow you to see how the Tuscan Archipelago comes to life. This island, a gem amidst the azure waters, offers an adventure that stands out among the top things to do in Tuscany, Italy, promising an escape that combines natural beauty, history, and the tranquility of island life.

Brief History

With its rich history dating back to the Etruscans and Romans, Isola del Giglio is a haven of past civilizations and natural splendor. The island’s medieval fortress, the Giglio Castello, perched atop rugged hills, serves as a sentinel watching over centuries of stories and battles. This blend of natural beauty and historical depth gives the island a unique character, distinguishing it from other destinations.

Tips on Visiting Isola del Giglio By Boat

Discovering Isola del Giglio by private boat is the secret to unlocking its most enchanting views and hidden gems. This approach grants you the freedom to explore the island’s crystal-clear waters and secluded coves at your own pace. For the best experience, aim for a visit in late spring or early summer. This timing strikes a perfect balance, offering warm, sunny days without the peak season crowds, ensuring a more intimate encounter with the island’s natural beauty.

When you charter a boat, the coastline becomes a treasure map of pristine beaches accessible only by sea. These spots are perfect for anchoring and spending a few hours in blissful seclusion, surrounded by nature’s grandeur. Remember to bring along snorkeling gear to explore the vibrant underwater life, and pack a picnic to enjoy on your private beach, making the most of the unique things to do in Tuscany.

Where to Stay near Isola del Giglio

Here are top 4 accommodations in Isola Del Giglio where you can relax, dine, and rest.

1. Appartamento Arenella

Nestled on the picturesque Isola del Giglio, Appartamento Arenella promises a tranquil retreat with stunning views of the Mediterranean. This charming apartment offers guests a cozy and intimate setting, perfect for couples or small families seeking to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the island.

Featuring a fully equipped kitchen, modern amenities, and a private balcony overlooking crystal-clear waters, it’s an ideal base for exploring the natural wonders of Giglio. Guests can expect to enjoy the convenience of nearby beaches, local dining options, and easy access to scenic hiking trails.

The price range for a stay at Appartamento Arenella typically varies by season, with rates reflecting the apartment’s comfort and prime location.

Price Range: €99 to €170, 1 night, 2 adults

2. Villa Manzoni Giglio Campese

Villa Manzoni Giglio Campese offers an exquisite retreat nestled in the heart of Isola del Giglio, boasting breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and easy access to the pristine beaches of Giglio Campese.

This elegant villa combines luxury with the charm of island living, featuring spacious, well-appointed rooms, a sun-drenched terrace perfect for evening gatherings, and a lush garden that invites relaxation amidst nature’s beauty.

Ideal for families or groups seeking a blend of comfort and exclusivity, Villa Manzoni provides a serene base to explore the enchanting surroundings of Giglio Island. Guests can look forward to a memorable stay marked by the villa’s tranquil ambiance, modern amenities, and proximity to outdoor adventures.

Price Range: €61 to €109, 1 night, 2 adults

3. Hotel Saraceno

Located in the heart of Giglio Porto, Hotel Saraceno embodies the essence of island charm and hospitality. This inviting hotel, situated just a stone’s throw away from the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, offers guests a picturesque escape on the beautiful Isola del Giglio.

With its comfortable, well-appointed rooms, guests are treated to stunning views and a cozy atmosphere that makes every stay special. Whether you’re here to explore the island’s natural beauty, enjoy the vibrant life of Giglio Porto, or simply relax by the sea, Hotel Saraceno provides the perfect base for an unforgettable Tuscan island experience.

Price range: € 66 1 night, 2 adults

4. Residenza La Cacciarella

Residenza La Cacciarella offers a tranquil retreat nestled in the picturesque landscape of Tuscany. This charming accommodation, set against the backdrop of lush greenery and rolling hills, provides an ideal setting for guests seeking peace and relaxation amidst nature’s beauty.

With its cozy, tastefully decorated rooms, guests can enjoy modern comforts while experiencing the rustic charm of Tuscan living. The Residenza serves as a perfect base for exploring the surrounding countryside, offering easy access to local attractions and the serene beaches nearby.

Whether you’re looking to unwind in the tranquility of the area or embark on scenic adventures, Residenza La Cacciarella promises a memorable stay in one of Italy’s most enchanting regions.

Price range: € 999 to € 1,149, 1 night, 2 adults

Isola del Giglio
Isola del Giglio

Why Rent a Boat in Isola del Giglio

Renting a boat to Isola del Giglio offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the freedom and adventure of the Tuscan Archipelago at its finest. This approach allows you to explore the island’s crystal-clear waters, secluded coves, and stunning beaches at your own pace, away from the crowds.

It’s not just about transportation; it’s about embarking on a personal journey across the sea, where you can discover beautiful places accessible only by boat. Whether you’re an avid snorkeler, sun-seeker, or simply in love with the sea, renting a boat provides a unique perspective of Isola del Giglio, making your visit truly unforgettable. It’s the essence of exploration, combining the thrill of sailing with the beauty of one of Italy’s most picturesque islands.

6. Monteverro Winery Tour

Embarking on a journey to Tuscany’s rolling vineyards, a visit to Monteverro winery is a highlight for any wine enthusiast. Nestled at the foot of the picturesque village of Capalbio, this esteemed winery is a testament to the blend of art, nature, and the science of winemaking, making it a must-see destination on the list of unique things to do in Tuscany.

Brief History

Monteverro is relatively young in the ancient world of winemaking, yet it stands out for its dedication to quality and innovation. The estate’s philosophy is grounded in a deep respect for nature, with meticulous attention to every detail from soil to bottle. This approach has quickly positioned Monteverro as a beacon of excellence in producing world-class wines that capture the essence of the Tuscan terroir.

Tips on Visiting Monteverro Winery

Unlocking the full Monteverro experience calls for a bit of planning. Securing a spot on a guided tour ahead of time is crucial—it’s not just about seeing the place, but delving into the heart of what makes their wines so special. These tours offer a rare peek behind the curtain, revealing the dedication and precision that go into every bottle.

Opt for a visit in spring or fall when Tuscany is at its most magical, either awash with vibrant spring colors or the rich, warm tones of the harvest season. These seasons not only enhance the beauty of the vineyards but also set a perfect stage for tasting Monteverro’s exceptional wines.

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Where to Stay Near Near Monteverro Winery

Visiting Monteverro Winery? Discover four exceptional accommodations that guarantee a delightful and unforgettable experience in the heart of Tuscany. From the allure of traditional elegance to contemporary comfort, each option offers something special near this renowned vineyard.

1. Il Poggio di Teo

Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of Tuscany’s countryside, Il Poggio di Teo stands as a serene retreat, offering guests a peaceful escape with its lush gardens and panoramic views. This charming accommodation is situated just 12.9 miles from the renowned Monteverro Winery, making it an ideal base for wine enthusiasts looking to explore the rich viticultural landscape of the region. With its cozy rooms, relaxing spa facilities, and warm hospitality, Il Poggio di Teo promises a stay that blends relaxation with the excitement of discovering Tuscany’s famous wines and breathtaking scenery.

Price range: €94 to € 167, 1 night, 2 adults

2. Terme di Saturnia Spa & Resort

Immersed in the heart of Tuscany’s idyllic countryside, Terme di Saturnia Spa & Resort offers a luxurious sanctuary renowned for its ancient thermal springs. Just 16.5 miles from the esteemed Monteverro Winery, this exquisite resort is a haven for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature’s splendor. Guests can indulge in the healing properties of the thermal waters, known for their mineral-rich composition, and enjoy a range of spa treatments designed to soothe and revitalise. With its elegant accommodations, gourmet dining, and a serene atmosphere, Terme di Saturnia is the perfect retreat for exploring the beauty and bounty of Tuscany.

Price range: €632 to €1986, 1 night, 2 adults

3. Hotel Villa Tirreno

Nestled in the picturesque setting of Tuscany, Hotel Villa Tirreno stands as a beacon of comfort and elegance, located just 21.2 miles from the esteemed Monteverro Winery. This hotel offers travelers a perfect blend of modern amenities and classic Italian charm, making it an ideal stop for those venturing through the vineyard-rich landscapes of the region. With its luxurious accommodations and exemplary service, guests are treated to a serene stay complemented by the stunning backdrop of Tuscany’s rolling hills and the nearby allure of Monteverro’s renowned wines.

Price range: €78 to €158, 1 night, 2 adults

4. Locanda La Pieve

Locanda La Pieve offers a charming and intimate getaway, nestled in Tuscany’s scenic heart and just 21.6 miles from the renowned Monteverro Winery. With its warm, inviting atmosphere and personalized service, this boutique hotel provides a cozy retreat for those looking to explore the Tuscan countryside and its vinicultural riches. After a day of exploring Monteverro and the local landscape, Locanda La Pieve serves as a peaceful haven to return to, promising relaxation and comfort amidst the beauty of Tuscany.

Price range: €102

Why Visit Monteverro Winery

Monteverro Winery offers a deep dive into the soul of Tuscan winemaking with a contemporary flair. This prestigious estate invites guests on a unique voyage through its lush vineyards and innovative cellar, where the art and science of winemaking come alive. Here, you’re not just tasting wine; you’re savoring the essence of Tuscany’s fertile lands, captured in every glass.

The experience is a perfect blend of education and indulgence, set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty. For anyone seeking to uncover the best things to do in Tuscany Italy, Monteverro is an essential stop, offering a taste of tradition, innovation, and the unparalleled charm of the Tuscan countryside.

7. Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia Beach

Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia beach

As you meander through the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, a visit to the Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia unveils a stretch of natural beauty that captivates the soul. This pristine nature reserve, a haven of tranquility and untouched splendor, is a jewel among the best things to see in Tuscany, offering a unique blend of scenic beaches, lush pine forests, and diverse wildlife.

Brief History

Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia holds a storied past, serving as a natural barrier that has protected the inland agricultural lands for centuries. Its dunes, formed by the wind and sea, have been a witness to history, providing a sanctuary for flora and fauna, and a peaceful retreat for humans alike. This dynamic ecosystem’s balance between land and sea makes it uniquely captivating.

Tips on Visiting Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia

Diving into the natural wonders of Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia is best enjoyed through its network of walking and cycling trails, which promise intimate glimpses into the reserve’s rich ecosystems. To capture the essence of this serene sanctuary, consider visiting in the early morning or late afternoon.

These times not only offer cooler temperatures and softer light but also increase your chances of wildlife encounters. Remember, preparation is key: arm yourself with water to stay hydrated, sunscreen to protect against the sun, and binoculars to bring the area’s avian inhabitants into focus. This careful planning enhances your exploration, making it a highlight among things to do in the Tuscany countryside.

Where to Stay When Visiting Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia

1. Antica Fattoria La Parrina

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany’s lush countryside, Antica Fattoria La Parrina is a quintessential agriturismo that offers an authentic slice of rural Italian life. This historic farmstead is renowned for its organic produce, exquisite wines, and inviting accommodations, where tradition meets comfort. Located just a short drive from the tranquil beauty of Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia, approximately 12 miles away, La Parrina presents an ideal retreat for those looking to explore the region’s natural wonders.

Price range: €134 to €242, 1 night, 2 adults

2. Mini Hotel

Mini Hotel offers a cozy and welcoming stay in the picturesque surroundings of Orbetello, a charming spot nestled in the beauty of Tuscany. This intimate hotel is celebrated for its friendly service, comfortable rooms, and location that serves as a perfect base for exploring the Tuscan coast. Just a short journey from the serene and beautiful Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia, approximately 5 miles away, guests have the unique opportunity to enjoy both the cultural delights of Orbetello and the natural splendor of the Tuscan coastline.

Price range: €246 to €458, 1 night, 2 adults

3. Cinema House Apartments

Cinema House Apartments offer a unique and stylish accommodation experience in the heart of Tuscany, blending the comfort of home with the flair of the silver screen. Each apartment is themed after classic films, providing guests with a place to stay and an immersive cinematic journey. Just about 6 miles from the serene expanse of Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia, Cinema House Apartments are ideally positioned for guests looking to enjoy the tranquil beaches and natural trails of the reserve while also savoring Tuscany’s artistic and historic charm.

Price range: €65 to €70, 1 night, 2 adults

why visit Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia

Visiting Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia offers a unique escape into one of Tuscany’s most beautiful natural landscapes, where wild, untouched beauty meets serene tranquility. This coastal reserve serves as a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, and anyone seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its sprawling dunes, lush pine forests, and pristine beaches provide a diverse habitat for various species, making it an ideal spot for nature walks, cycling, or simply soaking in the stunning views. Whether you’re drawn to its ecological significance or the sheer beauty of its landscapes, Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia promises an enriching experience that highlights the natural wonders of Tuscany.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Alternate Things to See in Tuscany

What is the best way to see Tuscany?

The best way to experience Tuscany is by renting a car or joining a guided tour. A car gives you the freedom to explore the picturesque countryside, vineyards, and hilltop villages at your own pace. Guided tours, on the other hand, offer insightful experiences with local experts who can share the history and culture of the region.

Tuscany’s allure lies in its perfect blend of stunning landscapes, rich history, cultural wealth, and gastronomic excellence. The region is famed for its rolling hills, dotted with cypress trees, vineyards, and medieval towns. Its art cities, including Florence, Siena, and Pisa, house some of the world’s most renowned artistic treasures. Additionally, Tuscany’s culinary traditions and world-class wines, such as Chianti, add to its unique appeal, making it a haven for foodies and wine enthusiasts alike.

The best months to visit Tuscany are May, June, September, and October. These months offer pleasant weather, with warm days and cool nights, ideal for exploring the outdoors, sightseeing, and attending local festivals. The countryside is particularly beautiful in spring and autumn, with vibrant colors and fewer crowds compared to the peak summer months, enhancing the overall experience.

To truly appreciate Tuscany, a minimum of one week is recommended. This allows for a mix of visiting major art cities like Florence and Siena, exploring charming hilltop villages such as San Gimignano and Montepulciano, and enjoying the natural beauty and leisure activities in the countryside. For those with more time, extending your stay to two weeks provides a deeper exploration of the region’s lesser-known gems, vineyards, and coastal areas, offering a more relaxed and immersive experience.

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Final Thoughts on Alternate Things to See in Tuscany

As we wind down our journey through Tuscany, I can’t help but feel like we’ve stumbled upon a secret world far removed from the well-worn tourist trails. This region, with its rich tapestry of art, history, and rolling landscapes, has always been a beacon for travelers. Yet, it was the road less traveled that truly captured my heart—those hidden gems and alternative experiences that make Tuscany a place of endless discovery.

From the whimsical sculptures of Il Giardino dei Tarocchi, a testament to creativity run wild, to the serene beauty of Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia, where nature whispers ancient tales, my journey has been one of constant wonder. And let’s not forget the thrill of setting sail to Isola del Giglio, or the deep dive into the vinicultural heritage at Monteverro Winery—each moment felt like uncovering another layer of Tuscany’s soul.

Spending a week or two here, blending the exploration of iconic cities with escapes into the countryside, has shown me that Tuscany is not just a destination but a feeling. It’s in the warm smiles of locals, the sun-kissed vineyards at sunset, and the quiet moments of reflection in a secluded cove or atop a medieval tower.

Looking back, what makes Tuscany so special is its ability to be many things to many people—a canvas of experiences that, no matter how many times you visit, always reveals something new and beautiful. It’s a place where every corner holds a story, every meal is a celebration, and every day ends with a promise of more wonders to explore.

So, as we bid arrivederci to Tuscany, let’s do so with a heart full of memories and a resolve to return. Because in Tuscany, we didn’t just find places to see, we found a world to be part of, even if just for a moment. And for anyone looking to see beyond the surface of one of Italy’s most famed regions, trust me, Tuscany’s hidden gems are waiting to enchant you, too.