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Amazing Places (and Things) to Eat and Drink in Rome!

According to my best foodie friends, here are some of the most amazing places to eat at in Rome

  1. Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina. Get the salumi and carbonara.
  2. Try an Espresso Granita. Lots of sugar. Good ones near the Pantheon. Perhaps try Tazza d Oro.
  3. Antico Forno Rocioli. Bakery and Roman pizza shop easy to access. Amazing bread.
  4. Bonci Pizzarium. Close to the Vatican. 
  5. Mordi & Vai (Box 15) at Testaccio Market. Get the brisket sandwich (Alesso di scottona). Also try the marinated artichokes. 
  6. Piatto Romano. Nearby the Testaccio market. 
Rome 20 1 scaled
Rome 41 1 scaled