One of the Best Countries to Take Kids – Vietnam

Vietnam is As always, this blog post only represents my particular experience. You obviously, had, or will have, a different experience in Vietnam. For any comments in this blog entry you deem unfairly negative, take a cold shower and read my disclaimer – here. For any comments you deem unduly positive, I sincerely apologize as […]

Patara Elephant Farm – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Picking an Elephant Park/Farm/Sanctuary to Visit If you go to Thailand you’ll want to see elephants. And the best place to see elephants in Thailand is Chaing Mai. Now, the real difficulty lies in which elephant park/farm/sanctuary to go to. There are many bad places out there and there are […]

Why Traveling with Kids is Hell (and Why I’ll Continue to Do It)

The Memory Game There are roughly 50 or so people who have what’s called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, or HSAM for short. These people basically have a much, much higher ability to recall events in their life than the average person. For example, someone with HSAM could tell you what happened to him or her […]

Winter in Europe…With a Baby

Settling on Europe One of your jobs as a parent is to keep your kids alive. In fact, that might be your main/only job. So, when you plan a big trip with a one-year-old, your first child, you shoot for a safe destination. And, as much as I love third world countries for the crazy […]