Rules For My Daughter Navigating Sexual Assault

Rule #1: Never be alone with a boy. Rule #2: Never be alone with a boy and his best friend (who will vouch for his friend regardless). Rule #3: Never, ever, ever be alone with an “important” boy (i.e. rich, powerful, white, entitled), especially since these types of boys are going through a “scary and […]

No Rest for the Weary

A Never-ending Struggle Little humans don’t like to sleep. And for good reason. I mean, everything to them is so new and exciting. Whereas, I’m counting the hours until I can sleep. I don’t think I’m alone in this. I know others share my desire, but not these tiny, abhorrent creatures. They don’t concern themselves […]

Fecal Matters

Sharing is Caring As a new parent, everything that happens with your child is novel, groundbreaking, amazing, and must be shared with everyone you know. People without kids just LOVE hearing stories about your little Einstein’s bowels. They just eat that stuff up. Still, when something new happens with your most valuable possession, you just […]