• Ecuador Luxe Hotels South America

    Mashpi Lodge

    The Location Three to four hours northwest of Quito, Ecuador (Sector La Delicia, Parroquia Pacto) in the 3,200-acre Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve located in the Ecuadorian Chocó forest. Along the way you can visit the…

    December 19, 2016
  • Annals of Boredom Mauritius South Africa

    69 Hours

    A Running Diary of Our Misery (Ed. – This piece is from 2008. Expect cultural references to be outdated) If you’re reading this right now then you’re probably at work wasting time, wishing you…

    December 3, 2016
  • Lists

    Ranking the Wonders of the World

    Intro There are seven wonders of the ancient world: The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, The Mausoleum at…

    December 3, 2016
  • Lists

    My Lonely Planet Listicle

    Good ol’ Lonely Planet So, as everyone already knows, Lonely Planet is shit. They cornered the market on guides for foreign countries for so long – yet they were producing outdated, uninteresting, fairly-useless drivel.…

    December 3, 2016
  • Annals of Stupidity Brazil South America

    Lost on Sugarloaf

    Brazil=One Big Jungle As an American, it’s difficult to comprehend that Brazil is basically just one big jungle. In America we have deserts, plains, badlands, grasslands, prairies, swamps, woodlands, and urban sprawl. But, as…

    December 3, 2016